Ioven is a land experiencing the death throes of its strongest, most powerful empire: Harunia

It is not known who first settled Ioven, but it is known who first ruled it. Since the beginning of recorded history, Ioven’s Eladrin have led the empire of Harunia. The myriad races and creatures of the nation bend their knee to the Eladrin lords, ancient rulers of the kingdom. These races are extremely civilized, cohabitating in a cordial fashion. Racial and tribal identities have mostly given way to a sense of nationalism that pervades the territories of Harunia. Society is submissive to the race that led it there, if only by force of tradition. An oath of fealty to Harunia is largely synonymous with an oath of fealty to the Eladrin king.

The Eladrin monarchs come from a long lineage of individual kings, each a descendant of the last. They draw their sovereignty from their nature as Eladrin, a magical race assumed to be naturally superior in beauty and intelligence to all other creatures. The magic they seem to hold natural sway over is as cherished as they are, with the largest spiritualistic religion being that of Arcanism. The evidence for Eladrin superiority comes chiefly from the powerful, advanced multi-species empire that they’ve established. Dotted with majestic cities, lined with roads, and possessing a complex social system, the nation is the epitome of civilization. The Eladrin tamed the primal wilderness of Ioven, and turned its gritty denizens into Harunians.

Harunia is not a paradise, however. The nation is rife with social strife, economic problems, and political divisions that have plagued it for centuries. The disparities between the lifestyles of the nobility and the lifestyles of the commoners are growing, and this has not gone without notice. The ideals the Eladrin used to forge the empire are aging, and new ideas are springing up to challenge them. A movement known as the Edification is causing literature about equality and liberty to proliferate, in stark contrast to the ancient Eladrin values of hierarchy and order. These philosophers and writers are sparking the spirit of the previously passive populace of Harunia and the rumblings of discontent can be heard throughout the kingdom.

Change is inevitable. The only question is, what role will you play in the Revolution?

Empire's End